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Support Us

We ask our supporters to help in these ways: 

1. attend a performance
2. make a donation
3. become a member
4. become a volunteer

Ballet Kelowna has built a dream into reality - establishing a professional ballet company that fosters excellence, develops Canadian dancers and opens a world of dance to audiences in communities both large and small. Unique opportunities and partnerships that help to meet your personal and/or business philanthropic goals are a part of our Development and Marketing Program. Through your generous gift you help to build the foundation for Ballet Kelowna to have a strong future.  

To discuss unique opportunities and partnerships with Ballet Kelowna, please contact:

Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer, Simone Orlando
P:  250-762-6105     E:


Your support is vital to our success and there are many opportunities available to help. You can:

Adopt A Dancer

Make a special connection with one of our immensely talented professional dancers. Your investment will launch and sustain the career of young Canadian performers: $10,000/year, $5,000/season, $1,500/month, $500/performance.

Take Us On Tour

Ballet Kelowna has diversified its audience base each year, from five performances in three communities in the Okanagan Valley in its first year to reach over 150,000 people in more than 60 communities in British Columbia and Alberta today thanks in part to a Canada Council Dance Touring Grant. But we need your help to further underwrite the costs of travel, accommodation and per diems. Consider becoming the Title Sponsor of a performance in your community!

Invest in The Future

The Future Fund is designed to sustain Ballet Kelowna's success by inviting our donors to make a pledge to be paid over a multi-year period of your choosing. Future Fund pledges provide a source of predictable income, ensuring that we will achieve our vision to "capture the entertainment interest of all members of the family by enhancing the image of ballet, making the art form more inviting, fun and personally meaningful". Please join this generous group by making your pledge to The Future Fund.

Leave a Legacy

Create a legacy for the Kelowna Ballet Society and contribute to the success of a company important to you and your community, while not affecting your income during your lifetime. Legacy gifts of a bequest or life insurance may provide immediate or deferred tax benefits to you and your family. They can be customized to suit your personal goals and financial considerations.

Be a Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels make it possible for children, youth and their caregivers, who would otherwise not be able to attend a performance, experience Ballet Kelowna's breathtakingly beautiful performances and be inspired by our company of young professional dancers.  TELUS is a Guardian Angel by underwriting tickets for youth to experience our performances and participate in a dance class taught by our dancers. A $20 donation allows a deserving child who is recommended by one of our Community Partners to attend any of these performances. You too can be a Guardian Angel!

Become a Producer

Each season, Ballet Kelowna commissions a world-class Canadian choreographer to create a new ballet for the company. As a Producer, you can assist Ballet Kelowna provide a nurturing, creative environment for a choreographer to hone their craft and expand their horizons by setting a work on our dancers. $10,000 will help underwrite the choreographer's commission, rehearsal fees and travel expenses.

Keep Us On Our Toes

One pair of pointe shoes costs approximately $100 and our ballerinas go through an average of two pair a month.  $5,000 is needed annually just to keep our ballerinas in pointe shoes. Help keep our ballerinas on thier toes by contributing to the Pointe Shoe Fund.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact:
Artistic Director
and Chief Executive Officer, Simone Orlando
 250-762-6105     E: